Karamisheff Nagel was established in 1972 as E.W. Karamisheff and Associates.  Originally founded as a Civil and Structural Engineering practice, we now focus solely on Civil Engineering and have a long history of delivering excellence in this field.

We are a trusted and well-established firm of Consulting Civil Engineers, having built our practice and reputation on the ability to provide a high standard of investigation, design, documentation and supervision services. 

Why choose Karamisheff Nagel

Strong client relationships

At the forefront of our practice is our dedication to building strong, ongoing relationships with our Clients. Working closely with Clients, Local Authorities and Contractors, we ensure all projects are delivered to a high standard of quality and Client satisfaction. We listen to the needs of our clients and keep them informed on the progress of their projects.

Relationships with authorities

Our ongoing relationships with representatives from local authorities ensure projects are communicated effectively and requirements are fulfilled. Negotiating favourable outcomes and managing the approval process are keys to the success of each project.

We are Urban Utilities Endorsed Consultants, providing design and self-certification for minor sewerage and water supply works.

The Director and staff are members of industry bodies including the Institution of Engineers Australia, Board of Professional Engineers Queensland and the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA).

Excellence in problem solving

Our ability to develop innovative and effective engineering solutions sets us apart from our industry competitors. Our team work closely together on all aspects of design and are dedicated to resolving challenges with practical solutions.


Our conduct as a company adheres to our values of honesty, loyalty, confidentiality and respect. We value our professional relationships and take responsibility for our actions.

The Director, Gary Nagel, is a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) and, as such, ensures that the company operates in accordance with the professional and ethical standards of these Institutions.


Our team strive for the best outcomes for each project and are dedicated to achieving excellence in our field. We believe no project is too difficult to resolve and are always happy to rise to a challenge.

Contact Us

If you should have any questions or queries regarding any of our services, please contact us directly via our contact number or via email. Our friendly team will be on hand to provide you with any answers that you may need as soon as possible.